E3S is a French company specializing in Active 3D technology for cinema and for professional markets (virtual reality, simulation).
E3S was created in 2008, the result of the spin-off of IMT Atlantique.

This cooperative relationships remain important and productive between the company and the Research Center, both in the projects developed and in the sharing of intellectual property (patents applications).

We design, develop and manufacture our own products in collaboration with the IMT.

The liquid crystal shutters patented by Eyes 3 Shut (Thin Cell) provide the fastest switching time of the market.
Thus, less time is needed to shutter the glasses and more light reaches the eye.

Eyes 3 Shut is the partner of Cinema integrators all over the world.
Eyes 3 Shut products are trusted for use in premium cinemas, in film industry festivals and by post-production laboratories in the cinema industry.

Eyes 3 Shut products are also trusted for use in professional markets :

  • Virtual reality and simulation
  • Eye tracking
  • Shared vision (multi view)



Renaud Van Lith

Age 55. 16 years of experience in Cinema and professional markets
Co-founder and CEO of RAOUL & PAUL (rental and sale of 3D Glasses)
CEO of the 3D Alliance Consortium
Former Co-founder of VOLFONI Group
Former DOREMI (DOLBY) shareholder and business developer (leading manufacturer in cinema and broadcast servers)

Jean Louis de BOUGRENET de la TOCNAYE

Professor. Head of Optics Department IMT Atlantique
Engineer / Business developer


Age 43. 14 years of experience in Cinema and professional markets
Business Developer

Christian NKELA

Age 46. 13 years of experience in Cinema and professional markets
Former business developer at VOLFONI Group
Logistics, After Sales Service / Customer Support
R&D Engineers team