Multi-purpose Headband (MHB)

E3S MHB is a wireless customizable digital platform, embedding tracking, capturing, projection systems. It is mounted on an occipital flexible or rigid headband.
Views below show the standard version.
The E3S MHB basic version includes:
  • Fixed or manually adjustable wide-angle camera
  • Fast motorized camera with remote control
  • Eye tracking system
  • Local recording on SD card
  • Real time broadcasting (Wifi)
  • Additional lighting
  • Laser pointer
  • Autonomous battery.
All these functions can be combined on demand.

The MHB is first a telemonitoring system. It can be used between a remote tutor and an operator. A streaming system allows to transmit the video flow captured by the cameras in the MHB to the tutor who controls and orientates a laser pointer to show the operator where to focus his attention.

The MHB can record UHD video to be analyzed later, for training purpose and to detect handling errors. An eye-tracker can be added to analyze the user’s gaze trajectories. The video below illustrates the MBH use in a surgical operating room environment.
The surgical assistance MHB includes a wide-angle orientable camera. A microphone and a headset for optional communication are provided. A battery and a microcontroller ensure the electrical autonomy of the device (in red). The scene recorded by the MHB can be transmitted wirelessly using independent Wi-Fi transceivers.
Because the camera is motorized, its direction can be adjusted remotely to always record the area of interest. environment.