Cinema 3D Glasses

Cinema quality lenses approved by major Hollywood studios
Automatic infra-red synchronization
Battery autonomy :
Charging time :
40 hours in use, 90 days in standby
2 hours

Product data sheet

Cinema 3D Glasses (Kids)

Small sized 3D Glasses for kids

3D KIT (Long range IR synchronization)

Solution for all types of Cinema theater sizes (up to 600 seats)
Possibility to increase the range by connecting 1 or 2 other additionnal transmitters (4 in total)

Product data sheet

3D MINI KIT (Mid range IR emitteur)

Solution for small Cinema theater sizes (maximum 50 seats)
The synchronizer in included in the emitter

Storing & Charging Racks

Intergated closing shutters to secure your glasses stock
A single power supply to charge up 192 pairs of glasses
Mobility by wheels

Cleaning Wipes

Individually wrapped optical antibacterial wipes
Packaging : box of 1000 wipes